20% from Advertisement Packages

Advertisement’s income is a revenue for the consultant of all users who purchase advertisement package to promote their business, via the PageQQ pages.

The advertiser can choose the targeted country. or the countries. where the advertisement will be available.

There are six advertisement packages, available for the users. Create a PageQQ account here, and all the details will be available from your consultant.

Advertisement space & income is eligible for Premium users only.

The advertisement will reach between 30,000 – 1,000,000 clicks on the advertisement, with an investment price between  3,000 THB – 100,000 THB, or $90 USD – 3,000 USD, (depending on the exchange rate of THB/USD the date of the purchase). This price is obviously much lower than the advertisement costs for the equivalent number of clicks, on other social platforms. It is only 0.1 THB or $0.003 USD per click!!!

Based on the above, the revenues of the consultant from this advertisement’s income, are between 600 THB – 20,000 THB, or $18 – $600 USD.

Passive income!

A prerequisite for the consultant, in order to receive the revenue from the advertisements of the users, is to have Premium user account.

Advertisement's Income


Packages for Ads Space

Examples of Advertisement’s Income to the sponsor:

  1. A user purchases an advertisement packet, worths of 5,000 THB ($150 USD).
    • The income to the consultant of this user will be 1,000 THB ($30 USD).
  2. A user purchases a PagerQQ ad. packet, worths of 100,000 THB ($3,000 USD).
    • As a result, the income of the consultant will be 20,000 THB ($600 USD).
  3. A user purchases several advertisement packets for 5,000,000 clicks, which worth  500,000 THB ($15,000 USD).
    • Consequently, the consultant will receive 100,000 THB ($3,000 USD).

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