2% “Centre” Income

Center Income! So, you are growing your PageQQ team and now you have 100 premium members! Great job! You are qualified to be “Center” and receive extra income!

The “Center” has invested time and effort to grow, educate and help his/her team to become successful. Furthermore, will continue providing support. As a result, PageQQ rewards this effort.  The reward is the “Center” income, in a form of a “Management bonus”.

Center Income

PageQQ will pay to the “Center”, 2% from the earnings of the whole organization under the “Center”.

For UNLIMITED levels or generations below, when anyone, under the line of the “Center”, will withdraw their PageQQ earnings, the “Center” will receive income, equal to 2% of that amount. This is additional to the 10%  that receives when a personally sponsored member will withdraw their earnings. See Direct Members Earning.

The prerequisites to become a “Centre”  and be qualified for the Center income, are:

  • minimum 100 personally sponsored members,
  • good stand within PageQQ,
  • full understanding of the responsibility to support the personal Organization of his/her personal Members and their member,
  • pass a qualification exam from PageQQ.

Center Income 2%


Examples of Center Income:

  1. Center’s organization is 10 generations or levels deep, consequently, there are 1024 members, 100 direct and all the rest indirect. All the members will withdraw in one week, an average amount  of 50 Q = 2,500 THB = $75 USD
    • The Center will receive in his/her account that week, just from this stream of income:
      • 2% of all the members: 1024 x 50Q x 2% = 1,024Q = 51,200 THB = $1’536 USD
  2. Center’s organization is 22 generations deep, consequently, there are 4,194,304 members, 200 direct and all the rest indirect. All the member will withdraw in one week an average of 6Q = 300 THB = $9 USD
    • The Center will receive in his/her account that week, just from this stream of income:
      • 2% of all the members: 4,194,304 x 6Q x 2% = 503,316.48 Q = 25,165,824 THB = $754,974.72 USD


Finally, an example from all the streams of income you can see here.

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