3. 10%  of the direct members’ earnings


Th direct members’ earnings, is an excellent passive revenue.  As the PageQQ members start using the platform and more persons are joining as Premium members, they start receiving revenues in their Q-Wallet. Whenever someone will withdraw his/her income from their electronic Q-wallet,  the “sponsor” will receive 10%  from this earnings.

10% from Direct sponsored Members Earnings

How Direct Members’ Earnings PASSIVE INCOME works, example:

John is PageQQ member with Premium status in his membership.

Week 1, three of John’s direct sponsored member, A, B & C, will withdraw some of their income in PageQQ.

  • A will withdraw 200 Q (10,000 THB or $300 USD),
  • B will withdraw 1000 Q, (50,000 THB or $1,500 USD) and
  • C will withdraw  10 Q (500 THB or  $15 USD),

Week 2, four of John’s members,  A, C, D & E, will withdraw some of their income in PageQQ:

  • A will withdraw 10 Q (500 THB or  $15 USD),
  • C will withdraw 40 Q, (2,000 THB or $60 USD),
  • D will withdraw  78 Q (3,900 THB or  $117 USD),
  • E will withdraw  200 Q (10,000 THB or $300 USD)

John will receive 10% of his members’ earning from each transaction, consequently

  • week 1, in John’s Q- Wallet will arrive, 121 Q, that is 6,050 THB or $181.5 USD
  • week 2, there will arrive 32.8 Q, that is 1,640 THB, or $49.2 USD
  • during weeks 1+2, John will earn, passively, 7,690 THB or $230.7 USD! just from this stream of income.

Most noteworthy is the fact that whenever John will also withdraw his earnings, his sponsor will receive 10% of John’s earnings.

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