1. Direct Sponsor Sales Bonus

Direct Sponsor Bonus of 500THB or 15 USD

Direct Sponsor Bonus 500THB

How Much is The Direct Sponsor Bonus?

Direct Sponsor Bonus = 10Q  (500 THB=approx. $15 USD)

Existing members receiving a Direct Sponsor Bonus of 10Q, whenever their free members are upgrading to Premium Members (PM).

The Lifetime’s registration fee of the $50 USD for premium membership, is paid only one time, therefore,  Direct Bonus, is also paid out to the existing member, one time from each new PM.

Existing members can introduce an unlimited number of new members, hence, the income from Direct Sponsor Bonus is unlimited.

Follow are some example of your revenues from this income. Check them out:

  •  3 Premium Members (PM) your bonus is 30Q = 1,500 THB = $45 USD
  • 4 PM your bonus is 40Q = 2,000 THB = $60 USD
  • 5 PM your bonus is 50Q = 2,500 THB = $75 USD
  • 100 PM your bonus is 1,000Q = 50,000 THB = $1,500 USD
  • 6,700 PM your bonus is 67,000Q = 3,350,000 THB = $100,500 USD
    • etc

As a result, of the above examples, it is obvious that with the first four PM, you already received back your initial investment of the $50 USD and earned an additional profit of $10 USD, (because $15 USD x 4 = $60 USD).

The sponsors with Thai QIDs invested 1,500THB, therefore will receive back their investment for the lifetime membership, with just three new direct sponsored  PM (500THB x 3 = 1,500 THB)

Further more, PageQQ premium members have additional benefits. Not only this Stream of income. Hence their profit is greater than the profit of free members. A comparison table can be found in the PageQQ About page, under the subheading Member’s Registration PREMIUM vs. FREE. Click the link here to review it.

Register Now

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Same with this opportunity, keep doing what you always do, in addition, you will be rewarded and your members as well!