Membership Management

Monthly income from membership management.  This stream of income has two “legs”. It is generated from the payment of the members, up to 20 generations/levels in the binary structure.

The is a one-time payment from every new premium membership, and also a monthly income from the Service System’s contributions. Details are described further down.

But first of all, let us describe the binary structure. In the binary structure, under each member’s positions, there are only two new positions. Therefore with each new level or generation under each position, there is a double number of positions compared to the level above.

Accumulatively, from first generation/level (G1) until 20th generation/level (G20) there are  2,097,150 positions for members.

Binary Structure in PageQQ generates one time payment and Monthly income


2.1) Earn 10 THB  ($0.30 USD)  from the automatic placement of the new members in the binary structure.

Each PageQQ member receives 0.2Q, that is equal to 10 THB or $0.30 USD, from all the PageQQ registered premium members under their position in the binary structure. This amount is part of the registration fee that is paid from this new premium member. The company pays to a member, irrelevant if are their direct premium member, or from the team in the network above or below them.

This accumulative income is up to 20,971,500 THB, or approximately $629,000 USD!

It is transferred in your Q-Wallet, ready for withdrawal, as soon as a member of your network, will pay the registration fee and become Premium Member.


2.2)  Earn 1% from monthly Auto Service System 6Q = 3THB = $0.09 USD / Premium member – Monthly Income.

When the accumulated income of a premium member exceeds the initial investment of $50 USD or 1,500 THB, the platform will withdraw every month, automatically, 6Q = 300THB or $9USD, from the profits, for a monthly maintenance of the system which called “Auto Service System”.

The members will receive 1% of the paid amount, from all the members under them in the binary auto placement structure. This passive income is up to 20 generations/levels in the binary structure. Consequently, accumulatively this revenue is up to 6,291450 THB per month, or approximately $188,745 USD per month passive income!

The following table reflects the income from the registration fees of Premium membership.  Additional the income from the monthly Service System. As you see it displays the income per generation/level,  up to the 20th  generations/levels. Both per level and accumulatively from all the levels above.

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