Content’s View Income

The income from the Content View, for PageQQ members, is occurring monthly.  It is calculated at the beginning of each month, (5th day) and is taking in consideration the following: PageQQ calculates

  1. The total number of views, of all posts worldwide which occurred during the previous month,
  2. Last month’s net profit of the company. The net profit is the total income from the paid advertisements, the premium membership fees, and the monthly Service System, minus the expenses.

Based on the above two, PageQQ will determine the View Rate of the previous month and then will calculate the Commission for each member.

Content View Calculation

  • View Rate (RV) = Company’s net profit/Content’s views of all members
  • Commission Calculate: View Rate x the number of views of the specific member = amount of money paid (in Q)

Every month, the income that a member will receive, is different.

This because both the Net Profit and the number of views are different each month.

content view


Premium members receive high Rate View compared to Regular Free members for the Content View


A member in June 2017 had 10,000 views of the contents he/her posted in the social media via PageQQ.

Premium member RV = 0.027 THB/view  => 10,000 x 0.027 THB = 270 THB = 8.1 USD

Regular member RV = 0.0027 THB/view => 10,000 x 0.0027 THB = 27 THB = 0.81 USD

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