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About PageQQ

What is it?

PageQQ description: It is an online social media network platform. Contrary to other social media platforms, it rewards, with serious income the members!


Can you imagine what impact will have in your life extra $100, or $500, or $5,000, or 45,000 USD per week!


As PageQQ member actually you can have all these! The rewards are generated from the usage and the promotion of the platform. The income is there if we choose to get it! In this way, PageQQ not only contributes social and financial to the members and local economies but also to the economy internationally!


The head office is based in Pattaya, Thailand. The IT Servers are located in California, USA.


The platform was launched in July 2016.  During the first eleven months, it was available only in some selected countries in Asia, in the USA and several EU countries.

Since June 2017,  it is available worldwide, with more than 165,000 members (by Sep 7th, 2017)


Anyone who owns a smartphone, or a computer, is capable and welcomed to become a PREMIUM member.

Simply select the “PageQQ Membership” on our PRODUCTS page.

Alternatively, can go now directly to the registration page at

This, long-term opportunity, is available immediately with the creation of the account.


The two CEOs, of “Serv4Biz Limited”, Ms. Thawanpaul Areechitranusorn (Marisa) & Mr. Watcharapong Tassoongnern (Ohm) and the company, already gained and received several national and international awards.

The vision of this social media platform is presented in the following video clip.

English Subtitles

 Greek Subtitles

Similar or Different From Other Online Social Platforms?

This platform has similar usage features as the other social networks. Consequently, with PageQQ, user/members are able to:

  • Post content; including photos and videos from youtube
  • Messenger/chatting,
  • Calls/Video calls,
  • Friends and Followers,
  • Paid Advertisements,
  • Online Games,
  • Android and iOS apps

But the biggest and most attractive difference is that PageQQ rewards the members financially!

The members continue their activities in other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, youtube, etc.

But this time, because they upload their posts, or share others posts to Facebook etc, via the PageQQ platform, they earning from these actions!

Furthermore, they earn from chatting and from online games, which are also available on the new platform.

How Many Streams of Income Are Existing With This Platform?

Why & How PageQQ  Finances  The  Earnings  Of  Their Members?

Where to Create your PageQQ account?

FREE vs. PREMIUM Membership Registration

PageQQ Currency Unit

Withdrawal of Your Earnings

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