The Multiple Streams of Income

PageQQ multiple streams of income are the biggest advantage to the users. In this page, you will find a summary of each stream.

Currently, there are available six (6) streams of income for the Premium users and one (1) for the Free users. The income amounts in the following table are per new user who signed up and is linked to your consultant QID.


1.- Sales Reward/Bonus from every new directly introduced Premium user

From all new premium users who apply with your referral link or your consultant QID, you will receive 10Q that is 500 THB or approx. $15 USD. See more details on the dedicated page for this revenue.

Direct Sponsor Bonus of 500THB or 15 USD



2.- Monthly Income from Users’ Management

2.1)  Earn 10 THB  ($0.30 USD)  from any automatic placement in the binary structure

Users receive 0.2Q that is equal to 10 THB or $0.30 USD, from every premium users, both directly introduced by them or from the team in the network above or below them. For details, check it out here.

PageQQ Membership management income, up to 20,971,520 Thai Baht, or more than $600 KUSD from registration fee

2.2)  Earn 1% from Auto Service System monthly

When a Premium user has accumulated an income that exceeds the initial investment of  1,500 THB, ($50 USD), the platform will automatically withdraw monthly 6Q  (300 THB or $9USD) from the profits. This is for monthly maintenance of the system which called Service System. Find out more here.

Monthly Income from PageQQ Service Syste, Up to 6,291,450 Thai Bah or approximately $188,000 USD



3.- 10%  of the users’ earnings

Whenever the users withdraw their income from their electronic Q-wallet,  their consultant will receive 10% of the withdrawn amount.

More info here.

10% from Direct Members Earnings - Passive Income



4.- Payment from Content’s views

Receive income from the views of your content posted on other online social platforms (contents, pictures, videos, etc.), and online gaming.

This income is paid monthly, directly into your Q-wallet. Explanation how the income is calculated, you can find here.

content view



5.- 2% “Centre” Income

When a user has been qualified as “Center”, he/she will receive for lifetime additional 2% of the withdrawals of all users under his position in the Binary structure. Unlimited!

More details on this page.

Center Income 2%



6.- 20% from Advertisements’ Income 

A user will receive 20% of the amount that was paid for the purchase of any advertisement package(s) from other users who have registered in PageQQ with his/her Consultant QID.

Advertisement's Income



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