Welcome to iYannis!

Welcome to my (under construction) site!

We desire to improve the quality in all major aspects of life. Financial to increase income. Improve health. Influence and dominate business! We start with these and more will be included soon.

We are attracting persons who are eager to learn and increase their knowledge and income, in a clever way! Persons who want to become most powerful, most influential and dominant figures in their business and life. Persons who want to be successful in life and business. Consequently, to be four percenters, (the top 20% of the 20/80 rule, is 4% -top of the top!).

Working harder and longer is not the solution for financial freedom and quality life. Actually, it can be harmful to our health and social life. Do you agree?  Look around and see how many honest, hardworking persons, are not enjoying the life they wish to have. Neither has reached their financial freedom.

What is then the solution?

The solution, for the financial freedom, (let’s start with this), is to make the money generate more money! Because we all have only 24 hours per day, receiving income from different sources at the same time, will be the answer!

Multiple Channels of Income!

How we can generate money from money and what are the options for multiple channels of income? you may ask.

A short answer will be to become a user and member of PageQQ in my team. Also to join the FourPercent group with me. I joined both early in 2017 and all my business has changed! They provide the knowledge and the tools that someone needs to establish a successful online business. They give us the opportunity to receive income from multiple sources. That is Multiple Channels of Income! Additionally, Four Percent, provides great training having in mind both experienced and non-experienced in online business persons. Therefore, both PageQQ and Four Percent educational group, are perfect and beneficial for persons who simply can follow instructions and use a smartphone and a  computer to type an email and navigate the internet and social media 🙂 But also for “advances” online users and entrepreneurs!

Under Construction

We are building something awesome for you, therefore, stay tuned here. Bookmark it and in the following days, we will open the Stage for you!